Business advisory service

We offer our clients a wide range of accounting and financial advisory services through which we can also provide efficient assistance in the preparation and support of decision-making concerning specific transactions or processes

Development of financial reporting processes

The development of fast and reliable systems for the generation of internal and external financial information helps fast and substantiated decision making the importance of which needs no explanation in today's economic environment. We help clients in the assessment and systemization of financial processes and information on the basis of which we can formulate specific recommendations for developments contributing to the efficient closing processes.

Assessment and development of financial and business processes

Effective operation is a critical element of business success. We can help our clients in the assessment and the evaluation of financial and business processes. Through the realization of our development plan prepared as a result of this assessment, our clients can improve the efficiency of their business and reduce the level of existing operation risks.

support of decision-making concerning specific transactions or processes

For professional advice turn to:

Attila Kozma
head of audit
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+36 1 886-3700
+36 1 886-3701

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